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TowerHouse Counselling Therapy and TrainingCounselling with Sally Openshaw
Sally is a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and provides counselling services to individuals, couples and local organizations for their staff team members.  Her specialist areas are counselling people with sexual and relationships problems, working with people with sexual addiction, and working with people who have experienced trauma using EMDR. Sally believes that counselling works best when clients and therapist can build an honest and trusting relationship; the experience of therapy is a joint one where working together to resolve difficulties is essential.
What to expect
Sally's way of working is to meet all new clients, either in person or by video call, for a one-session assessment. This provides a chance for both parties to decide if they can work well together. If it is agreed to work together, Sally would explore with you and clarify what you want to focus on in the sessions. If working with a couple, all three would agree a shared contract for the work together.
There are usually no limits to the number of sessions you can have and they are arranged weekly or every two weeks, depending on your needs. Each session costs £60 for an hour and payment is expected at the start of each session. Sally works Monday to Thursday 9.00 – 17.00.
Some background information about Sally
Sally developed her passion for counselling as an oncology nurse alongside individuals struggling with the impact cancer had on their sexuality and relationships. She completed an MSc in Human Sexuality in 1991,  which led to her Chairing the professional body called the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy (COSRT). She has advised government working parties on policy and standards of practice. Sally has a commitment to sound ethical practice and sits on complaint panels to review the conduct of other therapists. Sally was awarded a Fellowship from COSRT in 2009 in recognition of the contribution she had made to Sexual and Relationship Therapy in the UK.