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TowerHouse Counselling Therapy and TrainingCounselling with Sally Openshaw
Sally Openshaw is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist. She has trained extensively in a variety of therapeutic models, which provide her with a wide range of options to draw upon when working with clients. Her specialist area is to work with sexual and relationship problems and she has recently trained in a specific technique called EMDR for helping people with traumatic memories. Sally believes that counselling works best when the client and therapist can build an honest and trusting relationship; the experience of therapy is a joint one where working together to resolve difficulties is essential.
What to expect
Sally's way of working is to meet all new clients for a one-session assessment. This provides a chance for both parties to decide if they can work well together. If it is agreed to work together, Sally would explore with you and clarify what you want to focus on in the sessions. If working with a couple, all three would agree a shared contract for the work together.
There are usually no limits to the number of sessions you can have and they are arranged weekly or every two weeks, depending on your needs. Each session costs £55 and payment is expected at the start of each session. Sally works Monday to Thursday each some evening appointments can be arranged by negotiation.
A range of counselling services
It is also possible for Sally Openshaw to assess clients and then arrange for a colleague or a student in training to work with you as a client. There are various possibilities available and these can be discussed as part of the assessment process.
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